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Because I wasn't planning on Reading that much anyways.

So, Reading week is here. And again the basic di/trichotomy of happenstances is occuring.

You can be the:

a) Lucky ones going away to magical dreamland for x amount of time.

b) Going home to 'relax' because it's hard to put a different positive spin on it.

c) Staying put where you are.

Now I'm in position C, with a sprinkle of B for a fri-sat kinda thing. So to add a little excitement to me week I have decided to create a theme.

Now I have 1 week, meaning seven days. And as far as I've heard there are seven deadly mortal sins.

Coincidence? I think not.

Either way, that's the plan for my reading week. One sin done very well (or wrong) every day.

Monday- Pride

Tuesday- Gluttony

Wednesday- Lust

Thursday- Sloth

Friday- Greed

Saturday- Wrath

Sunday- Envy

I'll keep y'all posted. Suggestions are welcome.
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